Frequently Asked Questions

AS, About the Operation of Customer Service Center
11. How do you get AS for the purchase product?

You can call our customer service center or apply through our homepage. The A/S guarantee period is for a year and this may vary depending on the product.

Quality Guarantee Period: 1 year from the date of purchase
Free Repair:In the case of quality guarantee period (a year from the date of purchase), or in the case of same failure within three months after a charged repair.
Charged Repair: In case where the quality guarantee period has passed (a year from the date of purchase), negligence during use, breakdown due to negligence, if you have received AS, disassembled, repaired or remodeled the product due to a breakdown at another place other than our headquarters

How to apply for AS

Name: When a repair payment is requested, we have to know the name in order to match the name with the depositor’s name.
Address and Phone Number: Please enter address and contact information where you will receive your product after AS completion.
Model Name:Please enter the model name of the product you will be sending for AS. Ex) Bodyliner BL-2000
Date and Location of Purchase:Ex) March 20th ,2017 / 11st
Symptom of the Breakdown: Please fill it in with as much detail as possible.

AS Cost of Transport

FHIKOREA Co., Ltd. covers all expenses, back and forth, for products that have been purchased within a month.
In case of an A/S necessary after a month after the date of purchase, the transport fee has to be paid by the customer.
(When the AS is complete, our company will cover the expenses is occur when sending the product back to the customers.)

Even if it has been not more than a month since purchase, if the cause of the breakdown is the careless action of the customer, then the transport fee has to be paid by the customer.
22. What are the working hours of the Customer Care Center?
The working hours of the Customer Care Center are Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 18pm and it is closed during the weekend, Saturdays and Sundays.
(Lunch time PM 12:00 to PM 13:00)

About How to Use the Product
11. I want to know the precautions when utilizing the product.
- Put the measuring instrument on a rigid and flat surface - Do not drop it or throw it on the ground
- Pregnant women should only measure their weight
- Do no step on the machine with slippery feet
- Do not disassemble, repair or remodel the product
- While using the product, if “LO” sign appears, replace the battery

* This product is not a medical instrument, so in order to know determine the presence or absence of a disease, please visit the doctor for an examination
22. An error message keeps on appearing but I don’t know what it is
There are three types of error messages that mainly appear.

LO: If the “LO” sign appears on the LCD, open up the battery cover and replace it with a new battery.
Err: If you are over 180kg, which is the maximum weight that can the weighing machine can measure, then the “Err” sign will appear.
Err2: If the “Err2” sign appears while measuring, please re-measure.
33. Can pregnant women measure as well?
While measuring, the percentage of body fat may not appear as accurate if you are pregnant, heavier than the measuring rate, an athlete, or a child under the age of seventeen.