BL 1000

Digital Body Fat Scale

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Easily Manage your body fat at home with BodyLiner
Not only can you manage your weight, but you can also easily manage 7types of body compositions as home, such as the percentage of body fat, body water, muscle mass, bone mass, basal metabolism, and BMI. (Black color / Pink color)


Product Name Bodyliner Body Fat Weighing Machine
Model Name BL 1000
Size / Weight 280x280X1.5mm / 1.13kg
Material Tempered Glass, ABS
Consumed Power three 1.5V AAA batteries (KC Verification Code B053R120-2002)
Screen LCD type
Display unit of minimum weight 100g
Measurement range of weight 3~180kg
Result item of body compositions Weight, percentage of body fat, body water, muscle mass, bone mass, basal metabolism, and BMI
Composition of ProductWeighing machine, battery, product guide, warranty agreement, analysis table of body compositions
Place of Origin China
Distributor FHIKOREA Co., Ltd.


Body Liner Body Fat Scales can check your body weight, body fat percentage, body water, muscle mass, bone mass, basal metabolism, BMI 7 body conditions on LCD.

Weight (kg)
It is one of the health care indicators of the body weight including all body compositions. Indicate the measurer’s weight in 100g units.
Percentage of Body Fat (%)
Percentage of body fat is the proportion of fat that is taking possession of the body, and this is the classic indicator of obesity measurement.
Body Water (%)
This is the total amount of moisture within a person expressed in proportion of the total weight. Healthy people hold 50~60% of body weight with moisture. Water plays an important role in many parts of the body and is involved in all cellular tissues and organs. Maintaining moderate body water rate allows the body functions to efficiently take effect, which minimizes health problems from arising.
Body Muscle (%)
The body muscle signifies the proportion of muscles within the body. Muscles are made up of protein and water and acts as a engine when consuming energy. If the body muscle increases, energy consumption increases as well. This means it can increase the consumption rate of calories per day.

Bone Mass (kg)
Bone mass indicates the amount of bones within the body. The amount of bones represents the calcium or other minerals of the bone. The bone mass displayed on this product is an indirectly indicated frame mass of a human, based on the analysis of the body compositions. It is hard to accurately measure the bone mass of people who have osteoporosis and low density of bones due to age, pregnancy, or hormone treatment.
Basal metabolism (kcal)
The minimum amount of calories needed for survival, and keeping them in a stable state, not being consumed is the basal metabolism. In case of an adult, normally it’s about 1,200 ~ 1500kcal, but it can vary based on the individual.
BMI / Body Mass Index (%)
This is an objective obesity measurement indicator. BMI is the mean value of an ideal weight, so just look at it as a reference.


With the automatic measurement feature, when the user is on the platform, the power is turned on and the weight is measured automatically. If not used, it automatically turns off after 20-30 seconds to reduce battery consumption.

Safe tempered glass

Thin yet quenched, safety-tempered glass, you can use it safely and durably. The front side made of tempered glass can be used to find a luxurious and clear LCD.

Easy-to-see LCD display

A clear and easy-to-see backlit black LCD display is applied.

Can Save Up to Maximum of Ten People

When you step on the platform after you have registered the user’s personal information (user number/gender/height/age) before use, the weight will be automatically measured. It will be shown as P0~P9, which allows all family members to measure their weight/body fat, because it can record maximum of ten people’s personal information