After sales service

after sales service

Please check the regulations and apply before AS application!

Quality Assurance Guide
1 year from date of purchase
In the case of a warranty period (one year from the date of purchase), if the same malfunction occurred within three months after the repair of the charge.
If the warranty period (one year from the date of purchase) has elapsed, malfunction or damage caused by negligence or negligence in use If you receive an AS from a location other than the main office, or disassemble, repair, or modify the product

Acceptance method
In the event of a repair fee, it is necessary to match the name of the bank account holder.
Please fill in the address and contact information after completing After sales service.
Please enter the model name to send AS. EX) BL 1000
EX) March 20, 2017 /
Please be as detailed as possible.

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Shipping Coast

FHIKOREA Co., Ltd. will pay the round-trip courier fee when A / S is required for the purchased product less than one month.

If you need A / S after 1 month from the purchase date, you have to pay the shipping cost.
(We will pay for sending the product to you after AS.)

Even if the product is less than one month old, customer should bear the round-trip transportation fee in case of malfunction due to customer's carelessness.

Where to send

(06119)2F, Mirea Bldg. 22, Gangnam-daero 122-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, KOREA FHIKOREA 02-703-5570