About company

FHIKOREA is a specialized company that leads the technologies of hairstyling equipments and fashion trends worldwide.

FHIKOREA has been recognized for best products by fashion magazines, such as INSTYLE, allure and etc. Also, we equipped the rooms of Dubai’s 7-star hotel Buri al Arab, Hotel Shilla, Lotte Hotel and etc, meaning we have established a position as the best luxury styling device brand.

In addition, since 2007, we established an operation division of medical and household items, as well as expanded our business by launching Ho Ho Medi, where we possess the most health & medical devices in Korea, to provide the best medical devices with a sense of feeling that our families are using them.

By launching various brands, such as kitchen product brand Surakhan, health measurement brand Body Liner, body care brand Heal Master and etc. As a result, FHIKOREA was able to achieve 4 billion won of sales in 2015.

Domains of Business Details

Medical operation division that can be found online and offline



As a specialized domestic shopping mall selling about 3,000 medical and health care products, we provide products of best quality with reasonable prices to our customers



In order to show various products of Ho Ho medi to a lot more customers, we are trying to get closer to our customers by providing various platforms, such as mobile payment system, membership sales and etc through our newly launched shopping mall specializing in medical and health care products

Association with Medical device store and hospitals

formed distribution lines with over 200 offline medical device stores